Backpacking Made Easier

New Zealand has not made backpacking easy but they certainly have made it easier for some backpackers. The backpackers New Zealand has made it easier for are those that either planned to work temporary jobs whilst backpacking in New Zealand or those that find they need to find temporary employment whilst backpacking in order to boost their finances. New Zealand has made it easier for these backpackers by providing online, a Backpacker Jobboard which displays vacancies for temporary jobs which are open for backpackers to apply for. Obviously without such a job board, a backpacker would have to arrive somewhere and only then start to look for anywhere which may need temporary workers. This would waste valuable time which also ate away at their limited financial resources but having a job board available to look at, they can learn of anywhere which is looking for workers before they even reach that particular area. Backpackers intend to see as much of a country as they can with the limited resources that they have and so they will stay at hostels which are cheaper than even the cheapest hotels, they will eat from local street vendors instead of eating in expensive restaurants and they will either hitchhike or take local public transport rather than luxury coaches and taxis. This is both a cheap way to see a country and an interesting way as well, as you tend to meet more locals backpacking than you probably would if you visited the country as a more traditional tourist. The disadvantages of backpacking as opposed to traditional tourism are perhaps obvious; no comforts beyond what are absolutely necessary and sometimes long days between destinations but the advantages are not perhaps quite so obvious but are there just the same. Obviously a backpacker will usually spend less to see the same places a traditional tourist would but they often also get to see better places than the traditional tourist. Tourists will usually go to set tourist destinations and whilst these may offer good views of whatever sights there may be, often the locals know of better vantage points from which to see those same sights and are willing to share those places with backpackers they meet. The interaction that backpackers have with locals is also usually better as they share their food and there lack of luxury, forming a bond with the locals whilst a traditional tourist will often only experience the locals that work for that country’s tourism industry and have been taught to lead the tourists to the tourist spots, not necessarily the better spots.

Backpacking has already become popular in New Zealand and Australia as well as parts of Europe and South and Central America and if these other countries all take an interest in trying to assist the backpackers as New Zealand has, the numbers of backpackers visiting those countries will probably rise even higher and at the same time the host country helps its employers to meet any shortfalls in workers they may experience from time to time.