Limiting Factors that Prevent You from Traveling

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There are certain factors that preclude a person from traveling and enjoying the beauty of this world. These factors include the kind of job that the person has, the point of view of the person, the financial limitation of the person, the status of the person, and many other factors. Yet, whatever these factors may be, you can still plan ahead so as to overcome these limiting factors. The world is an awesome place to explore and it would be a pity, if due to these factors, you would be denied the chance to visit fantastic places outside of your hometown. If there’s a will, there will always be a way. Hence, if you begin to plan ahead now, and try to change and alter these limiting factors, you can definitely find a way for a leisurely travel, and reap the benefits concomitant with a well-planned travel.

Job as a Limiting Factor
The kind of job that you have at present can be a limiting factor in your desire to explore the world and engage in enjoyable and amazing travel. Say for instance, if you work as an office clerk, five days a week and you are not well compensated in your job, you will surely think twice in engaging in travel, considering the fact that your salary is barely enough for your basic needs. Travel will always be the least of your priorities in this case. On the other hand, if you work as a day trader and you are good at it, you will surely have the luxury of time to engage in extremely good travels. Likewise, you can day trade while on a cruise or in one of the scenic spots in Asia as long as you are hooked to the internet. You will surely bring back with you awesome travel photos of your great travel adventures which will be the envy of your friends and colleagues.

Your Status as a Limiting Factor
Your status such as financial status, health status, and other factors can be hindrances in achieving your dream of traveling abroad. I have known many people, who—due to their limited salary and other financial related difficulties—would readily renege from their plan to travel. Likewise, health status would surely be one of the reasons why one could not travel. It is a sad thing that these factors rob many people of the chance to enjoy the beauty of this world.

Your Viewpoint in life can be a Limiting Factor
I have known people who did not even dare to get out of their comfort zones and discover new horizons and places. Despite the fact that they are endowed with financial capability to engage in fantastic travel, they would readily shy away from such an idea. Their reasons hinge on their personal viewpoint. They view travel as a waste of time. Sometimes they view travel as very dangerous. Maybe they are homophobic, or in extreme case, they are beset with anthropophobia. Yet, these reasons are really so debilitating and so limiting that they deny a person a chance to enjoy life. For this reason, it would be good to figure out these limiting factors. Knowing them and understanding why they limit you would allow you to discover a workaround these limiting factors.

Reasons for Not Being Able to Travel

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The world is an open place for exploration for those who are willing to take the chance and risk in exploring it. There are many mysteries and adventures awaiting a person who would like to indulge in adventures and discoveries of this world. Likewise, there are many nooks and crannies which have not yet been explored in this world. There are diverse cultures, places, and people with which one can readily come in contact during one’s travels, and hence, the potentials and possibilities for growth of personality and learning are enormous for the person who is willing to engage in travels. Yet, not many of us have the chance to travel due to some reasons. These reasons may be valid or not; yet, the truth still remains that travel is one way of expanding one’s consciousness.

We may not be able to travel because we are incapacitated to travel. Say for instance, we are sick and it is not advisable for us to take long distance travels. Likewise, some of us can’t travel because of lack of money and resources. Yet, this may not be a valid reason for us not to travel considering the famous saying that we all know that “if there’s a will, there’s always a way.” The real reason behind this alibi of lack of money is lack of prioritizing travel. If one really wants to travel, and surely sees the benefits that one can derive from travels, and one will certainly exert the necessary effort to get the needed resources for travels. It definitely boils down to prioritizing travel over other things.

Other Reasons Why People did not travel
Other people have lived and died without ever venturing beyond their localities and the places of birth. We don’t know their reason for not being able to travel; yet, it’s sad to know that they were deprived of the privilege of seeing the wonders and beauty of the world outside the confines of their place of birth. Had they read, encountered, and tried to find inspirational travel quotes, they would have been inspired to take the risks to get out of their comfort zones and indulge themselves in discovering the outside world. However, whatever their reasons may be, they may be valid, and we are not in the position to contest their reasons. Yet, it is a sad fact that they were denied or precluded from seeing the different wonders of the world.

Two Friends of Mine
I got a friend who wants to travel yet could not, because of the restrictions of his office job. Likewise, I got another friend who can travel, while, at the same time, indulge himself in his work anywhere in the world. My other friend’s job is day trading, and he can day trade anywhere in the world while traveling. As long as he is connected to the internet, he can work, and I think he is fortunate enough to have a job that allows him to have the resources and time for travels. It is always a sad thing when the restrictions of a job or any other situation hinder us from achieving our dream of seeing the wonders of the world.

Day Trading and Enjoying Life

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Confucius once said that “to be happy in life, one has to have a job to do, someone to love, and a star to follow. Well, this is definitely true, and many people have followed this simple rule of life and have achieved a certain degree of contentment and satisfaction in life. Yet, most jobs in this world nowadays are quite difficult and not rewarding. Say for instance, if you visit some of the most depressed slum areas of the world, you will readily discover that there is an imbalance in the distribution of wealth in the world. Some countries enjoy the best of the present world materially, while others bear the brunt of failures and poverty.
Yet, the modern poverty can never be associated solely with material possession. One may be poor despite having a great material possession. This may happen when one becomes so obsessed with material possession that one fails to balance one’s life. I have known of people who have been amassing great amount of money, yet are not happy and not enjoying the fruits of their labor because amassing money becomes their sole obsession in life. Yet, there are also people who can still enjoy their vacation while working. I guess they are the envy of other people because they still gain their profit even if they are indulging themselves in a travel splurge.

Day Trading and Its Advantage
Day trading is a perfect example of a job which you can engage in anywhere in the world. Hence, you can be in a vacation in faraway islands of Bali or Boracay, and still be able to day trade using one’s laptop. This type of job was once an exclusive job to professional speculators and financial firms. Yet, nowadays people of different backgrounds indulge in day trading even if they don’t have financial studies and backgrounds. Likewise, an increasing number of at-home traders are indulging themselves in this kind of work due to the technological advancements such as the development of electronic trading and internet.

With the profits that one can get from day trading, one can readily indulge in numerous sojourns and travels to the wonderful places around the world. One surely can afford to be one of the travel bloggers who ply the highways leading to the great wonders of the world.
However, despite the profits that one gets out of this kind of job, there are also concomitant risks involved in being a day trader. Here are some of the risky factors that may put you in the losing end of day trading:

• You may be in the losing end of a trade. Hence, you should try to figure out which are the winnable games and which are those games or system that would let you lose.
• Likewise, you may be in the losing end of trading if you don’t have good discipline. Say for instance, you are ignoring the trading tactics and strategies that you have for the day.
• Moreover, you may be risking enough if you don’t have enough risk capital. Engaging in this type of trading has its own accompanying stress which may be disadvantageous to you.
• Lastly, you may be in the losing end of trading if you engage yourself in an incompetent management of your money.