Increases to Canada Immigrations

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When President elect Donald Trump enters the White house, the Canadian government is expecting too see an increase in American immigrants. This is not just speculation though as, as soon as the Presidential election votes were counted and it was apparent that Donald Trump had won, the Canadian website which gives advice to potential immigrants to Canada, was so inundated with calls from the US that it had to close down for a while. The last time that this happened was a few years ago when the Wall Street Stock Market took a huge drop and that time, it was followed by an increase in immigrants from the US. Canada though is used to receiving immigrants as they often advertise for foreign workers to come to Canada to fill vacancies which the Canadians cannot fill. This may seem unusual but Canada is the world’s second largest country and yet its population is small which means, they are often in a situation where they cannot fill all vacancies without seeking a labour force outside their country. There are of course some vacancies which are easier to fill than others and so the ones which always seem hard to fill are entered on a list known as the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC). This list contains such jobs as Butchers, Bakers, Cooks, Chefs, Electricians, construction workers and equipment operators and so if your qualifications or skills are on that list, you will have a better chance in succeeding on your request for a Visa. This is the Federal list though but there are others. Each of Canada’s 10 Provinces and 3 Territories have their own authority to a degree and that degree allows them to create a similar list for the types of work which need more workers and so you can always consult those as well as the Federal list. The advantage of meeting one of the requirements on the federal list though is, you may have a choice of provinces where you want to live and work whilst a meeting the requirements of one of the provincial lists means that you will probably only be allowed to enter the country to work in that particular Province. Canada though will accept migrants even if they have not specifically applied for immigration Visas in response to advertised jobs or for one of the job types on the Federal or Provincial lists, however in these instances the applications may take longer to process than if they had. Recently there has been a large number of Chinese that have entered Canada but if all the Americans that asked about immigration to Canada do follow through on the advice they were seeking, Americans could soon outnumber those Chinese. Anyone that does immigrate to Canada though, should remember that only 80% of Canadians use English as their first language whilst another 20% speak French as their first Language and so be careful to find an English speaking province or territory when they can.