Getting Back a Boyfriend

Sometimes when a boy and girl break up, one or other wish they could get back together again but when that happens, it isn’t always easy to convince the other one that that would be a good idea. In fact, often it would be far easier just to find a new partner for a relationship and start all over again.

For this reason many girls that have split from their boyfriends, will not even bother to try and get them back but those that really want an ex back will work hard to try and make it happen. There are websites that will give advice on winning your ex boyfriend backand although they may give good advice, everybody and every situation is different and so the advice they give may not always work but is worth reading before you make any attempt to gain them back on your own.

All of the websites that do offer advice in this matter, state there are three things that you should never do if you want to win back the boyfriend and keep them for a long lasting relationship and those three things are:

Beg – You should never beg a boy to return to you as that show him you are weak and have to resort to begging. It may however win the boy back for a short while as they may feel sorry for you but as the pity wears off so will the romance and you will find yourselves apart again.

Stalk – You should never stalk your ex as that will make them mad and resentful and therefore you will lose any chance you may have had at gaining them back. Instead try and learn where he is going and organize a ‘chance’ meeting where you can casually ask how they are doing and say you miss them. Hopefully they will say similar and perhaps you can arrange a meeting to discuss how you miss each other.

Keep bringing up the past – Although you may think it may be a good idea to mention the past, pointing out some of the good times you experienced together, studies have shown that this usually results in them also remembering some of the bad things and so can be counter-productive. Therefore stick to talking about the future and what it could be like if the two of you were together again.

In some circumstances there is one other thing you should not do and that is if they left you because you were getting too serious, you should try not to get too serious again, or at least not mention it to them. Some boys are a little afraid of commitment and will shy away from it but most, given time will make that commitment when they are ready and so just be patient.

None of these things are particularly easy and so you should be sure that the boy is the one you really want a lasting relationship with as otherwise, it may be easier to just find a different one.